empty vessel, living sacrifice 

I have been asking Jesus to show me how to pray. I am often thinking that it’s in relation to how I pray for others, but there’s so much I need to learn. How to approach him, how to wait for him, what I need, what he needs to show me. This was where he brought me a couple nights ago:

Empty me.

The sacrifice I bring is worthless to the world and an enemy of your kingdom. 

It must be burned on the alter.

Empty me.

No matter how precious it is to me, or sacred, or familiar, or necessary, or if I think it is true and noble and worthy. If it is from me, it is born from flesh. It is as fallen and broken as this world.

It is my life, my efforts, my plans, my desires.

You want them.

On the alter.

Consumed and burned to ashes.

Crush me, if you have to. So I am broken and can no longer hold onto what I keep hidden close to my heart. You want it all.

Empty me.

So I can be filled with you.

With your righteousness. Your desires. Your love. Your vision. Your plans. Your perfection and light and wisdom and everything that I so desperately desire but must make room for.

Burn it, blow the ashes the the far side of the sea.

Make me an empty vessel so you can continually pour into me to overflowing.

Make me into new wine skins, worthy of all you want to fill me with.

Empty me.


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